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Двухуровневые грамматики

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Derivations from Two-Level Grammars have been defined only in terms of the infinite context-free grammars that can be generated from them. This fact has proven a severe theoretical obstacle to solving the parsing problem for two-level grammars. So far, partial solutions exist for Van Wijngaarden Grammars, Extended Affix Grammars, and Affix Grammars which allow parsing in a single pass from left to right, because these special cases could be handled without developing a full theory of parsing for two-level grammars.Двухуровневая_грамматика
generative two-level grammars have actually been shown to be Turing complete.

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1967, Sintoff, M. «Existence of Van Wijngaarden’s Syntax for Every Recursively Enumerable Set.»

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