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EAG, Extended affix grammar

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это разновидность двухуровневых грамматик

The formalism is quite similar to Prolog, to the extent that it borrowed its cut operator.

EAGs have hyperrules that form a context-free grammar except in that their nonterminals may have arguments, known as affixes, the possible values of which are supplied by another context-free grammar, the metarules.



we propose a new theory of Extended Affix Grammar derivations. The key idea is to use a graph grammar for modelling the two-level derivation process. This allows us to give a precise definition of a parse, which applies correctly to any well-formed Extended Affix Grammar. The concept of multi-pass parsing originates from practical compiler design, where parses are organized as a sequence of passes in order to avoid random access to the full parse tree. We demonstrate how this concept can be incorporated into our theoretical framework by means of canonical graph derivations. This allows us not only to establish the adequacy of the multi-pass approach, but can also be used as a complexity measure for Extended Affix Grammars.

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